Stage of building your home

Building any home takes lots of people, materials, processes and details managed on a timely schedule for prompt delivery. At Pinnacle Properties, we put even more than most into building your home. Rest assured, we'll do whatever we can to make this effort seem simple. In fact, here's a glimpse of each stage of the homebuilding process to give you some idea of what will happen.

Stage 1. Sales Agreement

Once you've been pre-qualified and make your first payment towards the booking amount, you select your home site, home plans, and any structural preferences. You sign a sales agreement following that on the next payment schedule.

Stage 2: Options Selection Center Meeting

Our Corporate office is conveniently located in heart of the city with close proximity to all the Pinnacle Projects. Here you'll consult with our Designers to select all the finishes and upgrades for your new home that make it uniquely yours.

Stage 3: Owner's Orientation Meeting

You, the Builder and your Sales Associate will meet to review the pre-designed and well defined plans of the building your floor plans. The plans are designed according to vaasthu and manaiyadi. We will verify all of the finishes and upgrades you've selected and visit your lot to review its specifications. Materials orders are placed and your Builder creates a construction schedule.

Stage 4: Registration

Following the agreement and the orientation, we will arrange for the formal registration of the land and building in the buyers name with the concerned authorities. During the time of registration the buyers will pay the necessary charges and fees.

Stage 5: Foundation

Your home site is surveyed, staked, and excavated. Your Builder runs the plumbing lines from the street to your foundation and pours the concrete foundation. The Foundation is treated with anti-termite and pest control processes.

Stage 6: Framing

Seismic Resistance Design- Your Building with multiple floors of concrete structure for the exterior and interior walls are framed, the first, the second floor and the additional floors are framed sequentially. After that, the stairs and roof concrete with solid Reinforced Cement Concrete are added.

Stage 7: Exterior Finishes

When your framing is complete, Exterior and Interior wall is constructed with chamber bricks, cement mortar and smoothly finished cement plastering is added to enclose your home and house wrap or felt paper is attached over exterior walls to prevent water penetration. Top Quality wooden Windows and exterior doors are installed, with fashionable materials. Finally, the exterior trim and dual coat weather shield paint are applied.

Stage 8: Plumbing and Electrical

Your Electrical system, plumbing and other sanitary systems are installed. Plumbing Systems and Electrical Systems are concealed leaving exposed ends of pipes, wiring and ductwork to be finished later. Bathtubs and shower units and other large items are installed. Framing and rough mechanicals are inspected.

Stage 9: Interior Finishes

Wall and ceiling plastering and cornice are installed and finished. Interior doors, trim, and shelving are installed and paint is applied. All other materials, including cabinets, countertops, mirrors, and flooring are installed. Your plumbing and electrical fittings are installed and finished - including registers, faucets, light fixtures and appliances.

Stage 10: Heavy Machinery Installation

Elevators, Automatic Gen set, RO Plant, Motors, Pumps, Electrical Panel Boards and all other associated machinery are installed and connected.

Stage 11: Landscaping & Pavements

The pavement, car park are designed and designated using pavement blocks. Concept designed landscaping in the interiors of the building and the exteriors are created.

Stage 12: Quality Inspection

While landscaping is being completed, your Builder continuously performs quality inspections on your home. A "punch" list is prepared including any items that need attention, and all repairs are made prior to the New Home Demonstration Meeting. After repairs are made and inspected, the home is cleaned and made ready for the New Home Demonstration Meeting.

Stage 13: Closing

Prior to closing, your builder will host the New Home Demonstration Meeting with you. Here, the Builder will explain the mechanicals and demonstrate the operation of appliances. You may ask questions about how your new home operates, as well as make note of any items needing attention (such as paint touch-ups). Within days of this meeting, you will sign Tax Assessments, officially transferring ownership of the home into your name.

Stage 14: Permits and Licenses

Pinnacle Properties secures all necessary permits and licenses from TWAD, TNEB, City Corporation required to immediately get the building complete and your home ready to move in.

Stage 15: Opening Ceremony and hand off

Pinnacle wishes to celebrate the joy of owing your new dream home. We will organize an opening ceremony of the building for the homeowners to invite the family and friends and celebrate the joy and pride.
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