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    Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited a Navaratna Company and premier Government of India Enterprise
    manufactures hi-grade steel. VIZAG TMT FE 500 Steel bars have rare combination of high strength with
    excellent ductility and high tensile strength. Made from Virgin Iron-Ore with Low carbon content
    and made from fully killed steel.
    • Higher yield strength, Ultimate tensile strength and higher percentage elongation when
      compared to cold twisted bars of same grade.
    • Easy bendability, weldability and excellent ductility ensures resilience and safety.
    • Resistance to Ageing and In-built ability to resist loss of strength at higher temperature.
    • Use of Fe-500 grade results in gaining more than 15-20% life and durability when compared to
      cold twisted bars.
    • Higher corrosion resistance and superior seismic resistance compared to CTD bars.
    • No mixing of MS Scrap or rerolling scarp.
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    DULUX-WeatherShield Max Exterior Acrylic Emulsion
    Dulux WeatherShield Max is a technologically advanced Elastomeric exterior emulsion which protects
    the walls from patches of dampness and algae and fungus formation caused by rain. Join the Green
    Revolution - stay cooler and spend less on Electricity with our Sunreflective Paints!! Weathershield
    Sunreflect reflects 2 times more light than a regular exterior emulsion and keeps your home 5 degrees
    • Offers 2X more Water Resistance and keeps your home free from dampness and fungus 10 times more
      stretchable elastic latex film bridges the hairline cracks and prevents water ingress into the walls
    • Equipped with Sunreflect Technology, WS Max keeps your home cooler by 5 degrees when
      compared to a regular exterior emulsion It also offers superior dust-resistance and gives an
      elegant and a long-lasting sheen to the exterior walls.
    • Powerful anti-algal and anti-fungal compounds for protection against black spots.
    • Improves top coat Adhesion with 8 years performance promise.
    • This reduces the heat-load of your building and cuts down the electricity consumption in the long run
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    Chettinad Cements are carefully proportioned, highly accurate blends of quality materials including
    blended cement& Portland cement are manufactured under controlled conditions assuring reliable
    performance, and providing consistent quality. Chettinad Cement has always strived for high
    quality production and maintained international standards.
    • Chettinad Portland Cement is a high-quality, performance oriented building material mainly
      composed of clinker that meets all applicable chemical and physical requirements..
    • The use of blended cements in ready-mix concrete reduces mixing water and bleeding, improves
      workability and finishing, inhibits sulphate attack and the alkali-aggregate reaction, and
      reduces the heat of hydration.
    • Chettinad cement is the result of careful effort in the research and development of our cement
      engineers and scientists. It is specially blended with good quality control monitoring
      systems, high quality cement engineered for use in all structural, building and particularly useful
      in marine and hydraulic construction.
    • Our cement is extremely easy to work with and produces consistently excellent results every
      time, with consistent quality, versatility and proven strength.
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    Ramco Tilefix High Performance Tile Adhesive
    This product is a specially-formulated engineered tile adhesive. It is a polymer modified, cement-based
    and ready-to-use tile adhesive. Technically engineered material substitute for modern
    construction methods. High Performance bonding material and the best alternative to cement fixing.
    • It is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way compared to conventional method of cement fixing.
    • It fixes tiles and it protects the tiles and ensures a long life for floor surfaces.
    • Has superior bonding and adhesive properties
    • Provides greater strength and durability to tiles
    • wide range is available ranging from T1 to T6 depending on application and the required bond strength.
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    RAK CERAMICS 2x2 Super Vitrified Tiles
    RAK Ceramics from UAE is officially recognized as the world’s largest ceramics company and it continues
    to be a global pioneer in the world of ceramics through innovative eco-friendly products using the
    latest Nanopix digital printing technology. RAK NANO TECHNOLOGY-STAIN FREE uses advanced
    Nano Technology to seal off the micro pores on the surface of the tile which ensures better
    looking and long lasting glossiness. Lack of pores means dust particles do not accumulate on the tile,
    making them virtually stain free and highly durable.
    • High-Glossy Polish and highly durable
    • Vivacious designs and Easy Maintenance
    • Seamlessly Joint Free
    • Near Zero Water Absorption
    • Hardness Greater than Granite
    • Resistance to Stains and Chemicals
    • Scratch Resistance properties
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    Roca from SPAIN- the leading global bathroom brand spanning across 5 continents is the world leader in
    bathroom sanitary collection with extensive product range, in which innovation and technology is fused
    with creativity of the best designers and architects to offer functional, long lasting and ecological
    • Designed for Unbeatable Comfort incorporating the human parameters
    • Superior quality ceramic with hi precision glossy top layer coat
    • Stain Resistant and Scratch Resistance
    • Ensures ultimate wellness and intimate hygiene
    • Intuitive simple system for easy maintenance
    • Water saving design and eco friendly
    • Free flush with quick flow and quick drying design
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    GEBERIT WC Systems
    The SWISS Geberit Group is the European market leader and pioneer in sanitary technology with global
    presence and consistently setting new trends with its comprehensive system solutions. From Geberit
    you receive complete solutions for WCs in which design and function are perfectly matched. And you
    can count on the proverbial Swiss Geberit quality from the experience of many decades.
    • Invisible concealed cisterns create more space in the bathroom and lend an elegant appearance. Clever
      flushing solutions and water-saving conversion sets reduce water consumption.
    • Durable Elegant Geberit actuator plates are made from heavy die-cast zinc module. And with Geberit
      AquaClean, the WC that cleans your bottom with water, you are already introducing the hygiene standard
      of tomorrow into your own four walls today.
    • Dual Flush mode for Perfect combination of advanced function and sophisticated form.
    • Duofresh Odour Extraction unit-Eliminates unpleasant odours- For greater freshness and cleanliness
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    Moen the leading brand from USA is dedicated to designing and delivering beautiful products that last a
    lifetime. Moen offers a variety of sinks, bathroom and kitchen faucets and bathroom showering. Moen
    kitchen and bathroom fixtures combine style and can perfectly match your decorating style.
    • Diverse selection of thoughtfully and innovatively designed faucets and fittings
      Anti-corrosive Inner Brass components for hi-durability
    • Hi-quality chrome finishes to perfection with aesthetic appeal
    • Perfectly Pivoted Design for best showering experience
    • Crafted to Save water by Controlled Water Flow
    • Superior Silicon spray jets for easy maintenance
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    FENESTA – UPVC Windows
    Fenesta is India's largest windows and doors company. Empowered with knowledge of India's extreme
    conditions, Fenesta has designed UPVC windows and doors that are able to withstand India's extreme
    climate Fenesta windows and doors can instantly transform a home.
    • They reduce outside noise due to excellent insulation properties.
      Steel reinforced Fenesta frames provide additional strength that allows large sizes and adequate sunlight.
    • Fitted with special monsoon proof features to prevent heavy rains from seeping indoors.
      Superior insulation also leads to reduction in energy bills as air-conditioning becomes more effective.
    • High quality anti corrosive hardware ensures long lasting durability
    • Heavy steel hardware for easy movement of opening and shutting.
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    Finolex Cables the leading manufacturer of wires and cables is the market leader in Electrical wires.
    With superior quality and customer validated trouble free performance validation, Finolex’s range of FR
    PVC Insulated Industrial Cables is the number one choice in the market since last 50 years.
    • Fire-retardant wires to ensure maximum safety to the building and your families Manufactured from
      bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors these cables have low conductor resistance.
    • High-quality Copper strands with heavy PVC insulation
    • Proven performance with proper energy level delivery results
    • Multiple specs to match special requirements and applications
    • Long lasting and highly durable
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    LEGRAND Switches and MCB’s
    Legrand –the FRENCH Brand is the global leader and specialist in electrical and digital building
    infrastructures. With complete solutions for every project Legrand enjoys leadership positions in at least
    one of its major business areas. With Legrand’s multipolarity and its ability to leverage choosing Legrand
    means the assurance of benefiting from its global expertise and local reach.
    • Unique aesthetics and a rich choice of innovative and agronomical designs make it stand apart.
      The design of Arteor is timeless and its clear hi-tech characteristics are carefully crafted designs. It is
      inspired by today’s hi-tech devices like flat screens and digital photo frames.
    • Minimalist and sober, it creates an impression of floating on the wall.
    • Versatile in Performance and Highly Durable.
    • Energy Efficient and accurate delivery of results
    • Fire Retardant and Highly Safe and Secure for the Circuits
    • Protects circuitry and expensive electronics and household electrical appliances
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    Saint Gobain Glass the global brand internationally is the leading manufacturer of Flat Glass, Float Glass,
    Tuff Glass , Laminated, Industrial , Automotive, Architectural and High Performance Glass.
    • Uniform thickness with flat surface finish
    • Clarity with crystal clear vision
    • Bubble and blemish free surface
    • Consistent color proposition
    • Minimal scratch resistance
    • Decorative with insulation properties
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    The White Cement Putty, is a eco-friendly product that offers elegant décor of your home can easily be
    marred by the eyesore of flaking, ruining even the expensive coat of paint on your walls. . Its superior
    quality makes it the only putty in India to meet global standards (HDB, Singapore).
    • Total protection against flaking and chalking and adds more strength to the cement plaster.
      As white cement-based putty, it binds strongly with the base plaster, even if the surface is damp,
      and forms a protective base.
    • It fills up the fine pores in the walls and ceiling, giving you a smooth and dry surface for painting.
      Great binding for expensive paints
    • With effective protection against flaking, you are assured of long lasting and good looking home for
      years to come.
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    Birla level plast is a unique and revolutionary product that gives your walls the distinction of a smooth
    and glossy finish.
    • This white cement-based product is perfect for levelling concrete/mortar walls and ceilings especially to
      finish without undulations.
    • Water Resistant, so will prevent flaking and chalking.
    • It fills up the fine pores of concrete/mortar walls and ceilings to give a white, smooth and dry surface
      for painting.
    • A superior substitute for POP and Gypsum, it possesses more adhesive strength and durability, while
      increasing the life of your paint.
    • Prevents surface cracks and adds more strength to the putty
    • This ensures your walls look freshly painted, even after years.
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    Birla White Textura, is the decorative texture material manufactured using state-of-the-art technology,
    offers a variety of exquisite textures for your walls. Provides great touch and feel for the exterior and
    interior walls.
    • Birla White Textura also offers protection for your walls from weathering.
    • It' is more durable and ensures high performance when compared to acrylic based finish.
    • Adds more style and substance to your walls by giving a personalized touch.
    • The Textura has a high bonding and binding to the walls adding more strength to the layer of
      cement plaster.
    • Ensures Uniform application with thick layer
    • Water repellant and protects the wall from cracks
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    ASIAN PAINTS-Wood Finish
    Asian Paints PU (polyurethane) is an acrylic based clear coating, which forms a tough, non-yellowing film
    that accentuates the natural beauty of your wooden furniture.
    • Superior Gloss Retention-The gloss retention of Asian Paints PU is superior, making it retain gloss for
      longer period
    • Resists Cracking-Asian Paints PU has a strong yet flexible film; hence, it resists cracking even on
      curved surfaces.
    • Superior Resistance-Asian Paints PU for Interior has good scratch, stain and heat resistance.
    • Hardness-Asian Paints PU has superior film hardness making the product more durable as compared
      to other wood finishes
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    DULUX Super Satin-Metal Finish
    Super Satin Premium soft sheen enamel that gives luxurious soft sheen finish and the largest offer of
    rich and clean shades to match your style and taste. Dulux Super Satin gives you the durability of an
    enamel and the finish of an emulsion.
    • Super Tough Paint: Duratough technology imparts toughness to the paint film, making it more
    • Super Rich & Clean Colours: Largest range of rich of clean colours in enamels to suit your taste.
    • Super Smooth Satin Finish: Luxurious and elegant satin-like smooth finish to interiors.
    • Resists Fungal Attack: The tough film of Dulux Super Satin resists fungal attack on the paint thereby
      keeping it clean and protected for longer.
    • Superior First Coat Opacity: Super Satin is rich and clean colours deliver superior first coat hiding.
    • Superior Coverage & Less drying time* compared to regular enamels.
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    MRF Vapocure Paints
    MRF Vapocure Zinc Chrome Xuper is a multipurpose 100% Zinc Chromide finish for protection and
    durability. Xuper application on metal surfaces and is ideal for grills, metal furniture, machinery
    components/body, steel structures, chemical plants to prevent the surface from rust and prepare for
    the topcoat
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    JOHNSON ENDURA Full body Vitrified Tiles
    Endura being specially made for industrial premises has a few enhanced ADVANTAGES as compared to
    other tiles as it can withstand extreme temperatures, heavy pedestrian and hard wheeled trolley traffic,
    oil or acids spillage etc.
    • Fire proof and Heat Proof with Low maintenance
    • Ease of application and repair
    • Anti-skid and superior grip
    • Mad to Withstand heavy loads
    • Impact resistant and High abrasion resistance
    • High flexural strength and High compressive strength
    • High degree of traction to vehicle wheels
    • High acid-alkali resistance
    • Stain resistant and Neutral to sun’s UV rays
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    NIRALI SINKS Stainless Steel Sinks and Gratings
    Nirali Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks has achieved the dual status of being India's No. 1 and also the largest
    selling brand in the country. Known for innovation, style and durability, its products have found
    overwhelming recognition from across the globe.
    • Made from AISI SS 304 Grade Stainless Steel.
    • Solid 1mm thickness with uniform finish
    • Large bowl to accommodate large vessels
    • Stain resistant and highly durable
    • Designed with practical application
    • Prevents odors and cockroaches
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    CARYSIL –QUARTZ Hard Granite Sinks
    Inspired by nature the New Generation Granite Sinks are from GERMANY. CARYSIL is made from 75-80%
    mineral Quartz, cast by means of a special computer controlled polymerization casting process making it
    ideal for designers and home owners to perfectly fit in versatility with functional attributes of a smooth
    and a hard-working kitchen sink.
    • Made from 80% mineral Quartz and Onyx material
    • Greater Hardness for long lasting Strength and Durability.
    • Superior Scratch Resistance and Stain Resistant
    • Exquisite metallic finish for aesthetic appeal
    • Free Inflow and Outflow of water
    • Beautiful colours looks great, simple to clean and easy to maintain
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    RAK-Venezia DGPIX Wall Tiles
    RAK Presents the most realistic digitally printed 3D Ceramic Tiles with design concepts from SPAIN.
    Inspired by Vivid and Vibrant concepts DGPIX offers contemporary designs with wide range. These tiles
    use top quality digital printing technology which enables printing on flat as well as elevated textured 3D surfaces, creating tiles with dramatic appeal
    • Enables ultra fine, photo quality digital replication of images
    • Uniform edge to edge printing on tile surface
    • Multi Colour effect printing on any surface of tile
    • Natural and real life inspired design concepts
    • Joint free even in curved and elevated surfaces
    • Superior hardness and strength
    • Advanced Gloss finish with 3D feel
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    DULUX-Interior 3-in1 Interior Acrylic Emulsion
    Dulux 3 in 1 is water based high quality acrylic emulsion paint designed for decoration and protection of
    walls, ceilings and other surfaces by giving rich and luxurious finish to the walls. It has a unique latex film
    that keeps your wall as looking always new.
    • Rich matt finish-3-in 1 Emulsion has a rich and smooth matte finish that oozes sophistication.
      Stain Guard-Premium Emulsion has been fortified with Stain Guard technology that guards your wall
      against most household stains and makes them easy to clean.
    • Long lasting film-Premium Emulsion has a long lasting film that keeps your house as good as new for
      a long time and is washable several times.
    • Fungus and mildew resistance-Premium Emulsion is designed to protect your walls against
      unwanted fungi that can cause considerable damage.
    • Extra deep colours for feature walls-Premium Emulsion offers a unique range of extra deep colours
      that helps you highlight your home’s features better.
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